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From Chaos to Classes
Object-Oriented Software Development in C++

Click for larger imageFrom Chaos to Classes will help you turn your novice C++ into elegant functional applications using object-oriented techniques. Learn to deal with the whole software development process, from the definition of user needs to the design of systems, in a fuss-free, results-oriented manner. Daniel Duffy uses Rumbaugh's Object Modelling Technique (OMT) and suggest a number of practical additions to increase its ease of use.

A comprehensive reference book as well as a step-by-step tutorial, From Chaos to Classes is jam-packed with real-life examples, exercises and solutions, and features:

  • Object-oriented requirements analysis
  • All new C++ features including templates and exceptions
  • Intuitive front-end techniques to OMT
  • Coupling C++ with object-oriented databases

From Chaos to Classes is a must for anyone developing an application in C++, for those who want to build elegant object-oriented programs or for those who want to learn more about OMT, be they student beginner or experienced professional.

The author Daniel Duffy is a director and founder of a Dutch company, Datasim Education BV., where he has specialized in developing software components for financial, CAD/CAM and scientific applications. He has a PhD in numerical analysis and fifteen years experience of the software industry.

'This book avoids being just another description of C++ or the traditional road map that books on design so often become. Instead, we have something more akin to a scenic tour starting with the chaos of client specifications and arriving at a sensible encapsulation. It relates the various features of C++ to the needs of the object-oriented programmer. Well worth reading.'
Francis Glassborow, The Chair of The Association of C and C++ Users


From Chaos to Classes: Object-Oriented Software Development in C++
by Daniel J. Duffy
McGraw-Hill Book Company
ISBN: 0-07-709118-3

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