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Video Course "The Boost C++ Libraries in a Nutshell"  - (code DL-Boost)

C++ is one of the most important and powerful programming languages in use for engineering, business and science applications. In order to promote software productivity by an order of magnitude we can use the Boost C++ libraries (see www.boost.org):

"Use of high-quality libraries like Boost speeds initial development, results in fewer bugs, reduces reinvention-of-the-wheel, and cuts long-term maintenance costs. And since Boost libraries tend to become de facto standards, many programmers are already familiar with them.

Ten of the Boost libraries are included in the C++ Standard Library's TR1, and so are slated for later full standardization. More Boost libraries are in the pipeline for TR2. Using Boost libraries gives an organization a head-start in adopting new technologies."

Seeing how important these libraries are we have created a set of approximately 40 audios/videos of the most important libraries in Boost. Each audio/video session deals with a specific library and it gets you up to speed so that you learn the major features of a given library in less than an hour. An example of the style is: Example of style

The session is backed by the two books (published by Datasim Press) on Boost that Robert Demming and Daniel J. Duffy have written and you receive full source of examples in these books and audio/video sessions.

An audio/video overview of the Boost C++ libraries can be found at the Datasim Press site: Overview of the Boost C++ Libraries

This unique course is the ideal way to jump start your experience with the Boost C++ libraries as software building blocks and using them in your applications

Please note: this course does not include exercises nor instructor feedback. Please see the course outlines on www.datasimfinancial.com and www.datasim.nl if you are interested in such courses.

The Benefits

  • Removing the entry-level barriers to learning Boost
  • Full documentation and code (two books on Boost)
  • Clear, to-the-point presentations on each Boost C++ library
  • Practical and understandable examples
  • Discussion of how to use Boost in applications
  • Good preparation for the other Datasim applications

What do you receive?

In addition to hard-copies of course slides, you receive e-form versions of volumes I and II of “Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries” by Robert Demming and Daniel J. Duffy (www.datasim-press.com) . 

You also get access to more than 40 hours of audio/video and full source code.

Course contents

Overview of Boost

  • History and background
  • Current status of Boost
  • Boost and the C++ standard
  • Which Boost libraries are now in C++ 11?
  • Library classification and categories

Group A Higher Order Functions

  • Function
  • Bind
  • Signals and Signals2
  • Functional Factory
  • Lambda

Group B Data Structures

  • Tuple
  • Variant
  • Date and Time
  • Dynamic bit set
  • Interval Container
  • Bimap

Group C Data Containers and Algorithms

  • Array
  • Multi-array
  • Multiindex
  • Graph (BGL)

Group D Text Processing

  • String Algo
  • Tokenizer
  • Xpressive
  • Regex

Group E Mathematics

  • Interval
  • Math Common Factor
  • Random
  • Solvers
  • Special Functions
  • Statistical Distributions

Miscellaneous Libraries

  • Filesystem
  • Concept Check
  • Program Options
  • Property Tree

Boost and Application Development

  • Object-oriented and generic programming models
  • Next-generation design patterns
  • Suitable application areas for the Boost C++ libraries

Intermediate knowledge of C++.

Duration, price, date, locations
Course duration 365 days
Price Euro 289.-- ex. VAT
Euro 349.69 inc. 21% VAT
Date and location Dates available on request

The price per person is Euro 289 exclusive VAT. For full time students the price is Euro 179 exclusive VAT. Company-wide licenses are possible; please contact ilona AT datasim.nl for more details.

It is also possible to organize this course at your company premises (the in-company option). If you have any question, please contact our Datasim office.

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