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Multithreading and parallel design patterns master class

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Multi-threading Software Design - Parallel Design Patterns  - (code MC-PDP)

In this workshop we give a detailed overview of the software design process using parallel software and hardware. In particular, we concentrate on designing a complex software system by decomposing it into loosely coupled subsystems, each of which is designed and implemented using parallel design patterns. This workshop also discusses the transition from single-threaded GOF and POSA patterns to modern parallel patterns on multi-processor computers.

What do you learn and the Benefits?

The main goal of this workshop is to introduce and discuss parallel design and programming languages for modern multi-processor and multi-core computers. This is a paradigm shift from traditional object-oriented design and implementations on single-core computers:

  • Analysis/critique of current design methods.
  • Why Gamma patterns need to be extended for multithreaded applications.
  • Learning to 'think parallel'.
  • Complete overview of parallel design patterns.
  • A discussion of the full parallel software project.
  • Low-level design of multithreaded applications.
  • Multithreading libraries and functionality in C++ and C#.
  • Application areas for parallel programming and multithreading.

Course contents

Analysis of Current Design Methodology

  • Object-oriented design
  • Tightly-coupled systems and data
  • Why traditional design and parallel design are incompatible
  • Steps when designing parallel systems

Decomposition Techniques

  • Task and data decomposition
  • Task and data parallelism
  • Divide and conquer
  • Load balancing
  • Data sharing
  • Design evaluation


  • Task and data parallelism patterns
  • Divide and conquer pattern
  • Geometric decomposition
  • Pipeline
  • Event-based coordination pattern

Supporting Structures

  • SPMD pattern
  • Master/Worker
  • Loop parallelism
  • Fork/join
  • Shared queue

Implementation Mechanisms

  • Thread management
  • Synchronisation and Notification
  • Communication

Languages and Libraries

  • Boost Thread
  • OpenMP
  • C# threads
  • .NET TPL library

Application Areas

  • Data-intensive applications
  • Task-intensive applications
  • Architectural styles and relationships with multithreading

Technical software background. Knowledge of Java, C# or C++ is an advantage.

Who should attend?
This workshop is suitable for software developers, designers and architects who wish to get an in-depth overview of parallel design techniques for modern multi-core computers.

Duration, price, date, locations
Course duration 1 day
Price Euro 395.-- ex. VAT
Euro 477.95 inc. 21% VAT
Date and location Dates available on request

It is also possible to organize this course at your company premises (the in-company option). If you have any question, please contact our Datasim office.

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