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Next Generation Multiparadigm Design  - (code NGENDP)

The goal of this technical one-day master course is to take stock of the current status of the object-oriented programming model and how it has been used to develop software systems during the last twenty years. In particular, we analyse the popular Gang-of-Four (GOF) design patterns, their shortcomings and how they can be complemented and even improved by designs that are directly supported in languages (such as C++, C# and Java) or that can be designed using a combination of object-oriented, generic and functional programming styles.

This course is a technical overview of modern design principles.

Course contents

Subjects Covered

  • An analysis/critique of the object-oriented programming model.
  • An introduction to multiprogramming design and languages. .
  •  Moving from GOF patterns to multiparadigm design patterns.
  • How C++ and C# support object-oriented, generic and functional programming styles.
  • High-priority GOF patterns: Builder, Bridge, Strategy, Mediator, Visitor, and Command.
  • New-style GOF++ design patterns.
  • Developing applications using a multi-paradigm style.

What do you learn? 

  • Improved design and coding practice.
  • Top-down decomposition and component design.
  • Next-generation design patterns.
  • How modern languages directly support multi-paradigm design principles.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for programmers, developers, software designers and architects who are involved in developing and maintaining software systems.

A follow-on five day hands-on course is Design and System Patterns Revisited: A multi Paradigm Approach (DSPR), see link


Duration, price, date, locations
Course duration 1 day
Price Euro 495.-- ex. VAT
Euro 598.95 inc. 21% VAT
Date and location Dates available on request

It is also possible to organize this course at your company premises (the in-company option). If you have any question, please contact our Datasim office.

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